Twelve Days of Glamour

Hello FC members and to the internets in case the hidden post did not work. This is where my use of glamours peaked in Final Fantasy XIV.

Capitalizing the work I did on Star Light Festival of 2018 here’s the my own rendition on the Twelve Days Of Christmas using glamours and gpose features from the game with some Photoshop editing,

Now without further ado…..

On the first day of Starlight festival a Glamour came to be….

On the second day of Starlight Festival a glamour came to be…

On the third day of Starlight Festival a glamour came to be…

On the fourth day of Starlight Festival a Glamour came to be…

On the fifth day of Starlight Festival a Glamour came to be…

On the sixth day of Starlight Festival a glamour came to be…

On the seventh day of Starlight Festival a glamour came to be…

On the eighth day of Starlight Festival a glamour came to be…

On the ninth day of Starlight Festival a glamour came to be

On the tenth day of Starlight Festival a glamour came to be…

On the eleventh day of Starlight Festival a glamour came to be…

On the twelfth day of Starlight Festival a glamour came to be…

And there we go there was a set of macro of emotes set up on the hotbar as I was performing this to the Free Company then I decided that gonna use the glamours on a personal photoshoot to capitalized the hard work.

So how can I top this I still don’t know.

Happy Starlight Festival Everyone!

Inktober Blab 3

Thank you barber the haircut feels like a weight on my shoulders has lifted up. So I got my groove back on and bounce back to Inktober. Splatfest on Splatoon 2 also help though I was Team Trick and we lost.

Drawn a few more and now it’s Halloween Inktober has come to a close. I got three more when I recovered and one more drawing to finish it off.


Expensive I went on the with a camera, my future expense. I bought a Staedtler pigment liner and used it on these. I went with with different lines with this one.



Poison well here’s a poison frog. Here I used a Pigma brush pen and really loving these. I have a blue ink lying around and colored it on a later time.


Angular felt therapeutic and can go on forever. Here’s a ball bouncing angularly thru a wall maze. May be inspired by an old Nokia phone game called Bounce.

Since the draft for this was sitting around Halloween I manage to squeeze one more drawing. I went with a freestyle approach to finish Inktober off.


Steampumpkin is an idea been sitting in my head for years to be drawn annually around Halloween. Used the Staedtler pen to draw the lines, used Winsor and Newton brush marker to fill out the hat and watered down ink for the smoke and to tone the pumpkin.

Well the work was a struggle I can still say I had fun with this and that was another reason for these other than challenge. All I can say is my drawing skills are not there as when you look search the hashtag on twitter for intober. But simple as these drawings for Inktober I have to say my handling of a pen is better that it was years ago, and I am so happy for that.

Inktober may finished but there are some ideas from the prompts so I will or want to get back to them soon. But for now get back on the drawing course which I manage to neglect and do portrait with oil painting.

Inktober 2018 Blab 2

Continuing my Inktober Journal here are more drawings and a couple of failure attempts.


Chicken was a quickie and did with brush and waterdown ink. Like I said it was a quickie and more of an impressionism of a chicken.


Whale another self explanatory. I was going for Moby Dick at first but went with a whale shark. I had some white ink that was bought years ago and used it on the spots and belly the blacks are brushed in.


I got two drawing with drain. One is a watered ink going down a drain then a long set of pipes inspired by an old Windows screensaver and an old Windows game called pipedream.

So I got a week in Inktober with these drawings. But I got sick with a cold and was not in the mood to continue for a couple of days. When I got back up I tried to do some with the prompts star and and clock. Even with reference and pre sketch I can’t get these two work out with G-pen was not cooperating.


Here’s the scrapes that suppose to be for star a celebrity came to mind. The bottom left was the initial sketch but but the pen just plotted it right away. Right is another attempt was frustration already getting in to me even got a last idea and turn it in to a trash mag cover. Another idea was a singer with her head tilting up on a mic.


Here’s the scrap for clock. I was going for a clockwork for these and challenge to see what i can make from memory. I was looking at picture for reference and got really mixed up in my head. The bottom right is just silly things to warm up on on with gears. But nothing really got settle in my head to get a finish sketch to work on to.


Breakable was an attempt to get something done. A vase and a stand falling. The vase is patterned with random lines.

Anxiety hit me up with the attempt from star and clock, with breakable was an attempt to get out of it. It did took a several days, a week at least, to get back on to continue. I’ll post about it next.



Inktober 2018 Blab 1

Well I too much happening the for this month so both highs and lows. But here’s a few of my Inktober drawings and a brief description of about them.


First is Prickly. We had a hedgehog pet named Needles that had past a year ago so first thing that comes to mind on this prompt. Needles you’ll be remembered.


Tranquil while I am still doing the drawing course of the side at the moment I am at a lesson on drawing a character/figure with basic shapes. Anatomy subject is another thing I need to get into some more in time. Nothing says tranquil like a monk meditating.


Cause Canadian Thanksgiving was days away while not turkey I went with a roast beef on Roasted. If i went with turkey it feels like in will clash on another prompt later.


I challenge myself on this one for Guarded I went with a fantasy city gate, it’s the detail and lines on the brick wall.

The dip pens where hard to use as always as I went with Tachikawa G-pen and B-3 nib for theses drawings and watered the ink with water and brush it to make a bit of a tone. I had more issues with the G-pen, see that drops in Prickly, as it gets clogged when dip it in the ink bottle the second time. B-3 pens was less on that. But when I do a quick search on the how to use a G-pen with good old google, I get something about a vape pen.

I had a good four day then got busy with other stuff then the holiday weekend came. I’ll share more about it on the next post.



Inktober 2018

This October I will participating doing Inktober. A month long event/challenge in social media started by Jake Parker where making drawings with ink. More info on the links.  

I’ll post the art work here and twitter but I’ll be mostly brief about them. I will be following the official prompts but can’t promise that I will do them daily or all of them.

Mind my handwriting
Ideas on the official prompts

I did have tried drawing in ink years before and impulse buy a G pen nibs and holder, dip pen that mostly used by manga artist, but that not gotten anywhere due to my attempt and doing digital drawings. Then I (cough) impulse buy a Speedball set months ago to get a different feel compare to the G pen. Even with that all I did is just make lines in paper and I have no clue on calligraphy as well.

clone tag: 1853603342091436329
Pens Brushes and ink

I wanna see where this takes me as I notice that when I write my wrist moves differently lately. Something I picked up from drawing? I’ll talk about the pens and tools in depth I am using once it’s over as I don’t have a good grasp on how to use them yet.

See you in October!

Blabs/ Reflections / On Moving Forward

Wow the month has past so quickly Blaugust has come and go. Tho I haven’t posted anything on the past week but busy with life responsibilities. But still manage to do some drawing lessons stuff. It’s in drafts right now and and having a hard time working with images with this lesson as it involves Photoshop. I want to finish off Blaugust by combining two blog topics from it is the reflect and to inspire.

With all the false starts this is a good push for me to get started. I am trying to rediscover a childhood dream on creating art. Since I can’t create as well as the many artist that I follow online so here’s my nitch A beginner artist.

I was taking pictures of some of my drawing for like a year ago following Drawing the Right Side of the Brain Workbook.  It’s still a work in progress on how I posted it as they are from a year ago but the drawing are kept aside and pictures are archive. But the research and itch to oil paint kinda hold it off and winter was approaching (lesson/activities involve outdoors). So my the only my two finished paintings and the drawing lessons are the only recent I have right now. I got thru those way to quickly than I thought.

Also behind the scenes I was getting too ambitious. While a photo camera purchase was longed plan before the blog started and waiting for a sale before I was looking for Go Pro alternatives and have a speedpaint video or a time lapse by the end of the month. Then there’s the lightning which I am struggling to find cause my shadow of my hand and phone tend to show up on my photographs and it tends to be so dark even with editing on the phone. Best example is on ‘What I Use: Drawing’ post. Tho a video light out of budget at the moment since I am starting I honestly it’s overkill to have them at moment just found battery operated lights that gives of decent lightning with spending much. Also I just forgot how real life stuff gets in the way taking out some free time to blog and draw or paint.

So my solution is to start small, I will have a personal weekly deadline on Wednesday. That way I have time to work a draft and art at the same time. May be an extra post for a random ramblings on what I am working on or what’s up. Oddities are not just about my creations it’s also what I do. I am still dreaming about that video.

I always had false starts with blogging or what I want to do in general. Do I do tech, short stories, journal, practice for journalism. But there one thing I turn back into its drawing or art. Let just say that I stop drawing when I was a kid when I was told that I was wasting lot’s of paper. I did have a short stint on getting back to it in my teens but mid twenties is where I manage to pick it up once more. Just over thirty now well I can say is no more dilly dally take a pause see what you are doing and check what it not going right and go from there. I kinda always been struggling with anxiety and fear of being judge. Well time to break out of those mental barriers.

While there’s more to this mental stuff topic but I will say is take a step, take a pause. It’s not too late to start on what you want to do and both ageism and fear is worse excuse to get things started or done. Take it from the Nike slogan Just do it. Don’t mix reflect with regret just see what not working and take a step back and then move forward or take a different direction is better than giving up.

Thanks Belghast and to all who are part of Blaugust. I was too silence in Discord but enjoying everyone post. I’ll still link there And hoping for more to more active in the future.

Also I will stop being such a lurker in Twitter and tweet about work in progress. I know it’s such a mess there right now but it’s premise was way better than facebook and other social media so hit me up there as well please.

Till next time.

Cross Contour Line Drawings

So here’s a continuation of for the drawing lessons I am taking on Udemy. Drawing objects and use cross contour lines to refine it. It’s hard to fight habits as the initial drawing was looking on the subject more than you pencil and paper before I refine it with cross contour. I can only show and tell the results but I can’t say if did a great job or not.

Blue Shoes

Blue shoes cross contour

I refining this blue shoes was tricky as I took out the foot mold inside the shoes. The lines the I started with was in a wrong angle so I rework on it. I didn’t even bother with erasing my mistake and just draw in top of it so it looks a bit off still. Noticing my mistake on the top shoe I took more care on the second one with not sure how to tackle the highlight on the left part of the shoe I lined even tho I should have just left it be.

Barrel drawing

Barrel refined with cross contour lines

Here’s a barrel but believe it or not was tricky reference to look for as some barrels are remade to furniture etc. Lesson learned on the refining this but the initial drawing was done the second time. With it’s cylindrical shape I thought first the the cross contour lines will go left to right but I went with top to bottom with the planks and kept left to right with the ring holding them in place.

Mountain initial drawing

Mountain with cross contour

Here’s the mountain Salher picked up from Flickr via Google search. Choosed this one without knowing it’s name but looks perfect subject to draw for the lesson. The initial drawing was more simpler than the rest as just the main shape of the mountain but the rest feels like a cheat since the cross contour lines are already detailed in the reference.

Sunflower drawing once more

Sunflower drawing with cross contour

Now where back to the sunflower from the initial post, while I did draw this first this was last to be detail. The drawing was tricky to follow the exercise and going old habits but the result here is the same with the barrel. But same with the mountain that each petals are already lined well from the photograph and just shaded more from the start of the petal. The center are just points and didn’t went to too much detail with it.


This one I gave up trying to draw. I had such a hard time getting shape right or just trying to hard. But here’s something I might get back into once I hone up a bit of my drawing skill. Also I may do more as this exercise at some point as I kinda see it’s reasoning or appeal.

Well more lessons to watch and to draw with.

What I Use: Drawing

While a pencils are still king in drawing I have a bad habit of deviating from it and goes to mechanical pencil once I was done from my old drawing class from years ago. I think I don’t like about pencils is sharpening them and leaves shaving behind. And the most proper way to sharpen a pencil is by hand, exposing a large lead with a blade (box cutter) and use sandpaper to make a sharp point.

Leads and holders I use for drawing

Then I came across  lead and lead holders which I have been using the past couple of years. I pull out the clip on then and marked one of the blue lead holders to know what which grade it is. I use HB 2H and B leads when drawing. Can’t really say more from this other than it uses a different sharpener to create two different points, one is a sharp one for drawing and one blunt point I can use for shading.

Erasers and Lead Sharpener

For corrections I got two erasers. For heavy clean up I got an old rubber erasers and for light erasure and less messy I got a kneaded eraser.

Charcoals and blending stomps


Now these guys I want to get back into once I am done with the current online drawing lessons, charcoal pencils. This made me tolerate my annoyance with lead pencils as charcoal are so soft that a plane pencil sharpener is suffice/ Charcoal pencils for details while charcoal stick to get them spread out. Then use paper stomp to blend and scatter.


Paper, well I don’t use any special in particular at the moment just a couple of Hilroy Sketch Pro paper that’s easily available on supermarkets. I tend to thorn them off from its binding, if I am not on my desk I tend to tape them on wood panels or large clipboards.

So here’s what I use for drawing.

What I Learned On My First Painting

Here it is again, the fruit bowl

Here’s the fruit bowl painting again, I promise there’s other art in the way. Just the short time in making this clicks something in me head that I want to do more of these comparing the long time and effort I try to do digital painting or art. I’ll speak about it in another time and I will surely will try to get back in to it properly someday.

And now in to particular order here’s things I’ve learned on my first oil painting.

Walnut oil medium works for taking out paint off the brushes. But if not painting over a week, as it said in the product website, a proper cleaner is needed to fully clean brushes. In my case Murphy’s Oil Soap as what I read on my research. Tho I didn’t follow thru it right away and may have ruin my first couple of brushes.

The yellow that I used in this painting turns out to be transparent. I ended up waiting for it to dry to get the yellow to be more visible. While the white is opaque I have to wait for most of the paint underneath it to dry as they start blending when I try to add the white part of the bowl and the highlights.

When I was shopping I just chose the tube paint colors by price, oil paint is not cheap. I know I need the primaries, white and brown and added green. And cause of the above statement I was too late to noticed that the back of the tube paints show that the paint is opaque, transparent or in between. So the usual tube colors you hear or read from artist, burnt umber, cadmium yellow, alizarin crimson, etc there’s a reason they are that known and price that way. It also shows the the paints drying time. I don’t want to get more technical here.

After a several weeks of drying and taken out the canvas from the easel to be hang on the wall there’s a couple of places that wasn’t painted. The top unpainted part from the easel top clamp covering it. And the bottom right of the wicker mat was missed due to having an aluminum foil in place in the easel, it was reflecting light making it look like it was painted. So I got to remember to take out the clamp when painting around that parts and do so carefully that the canvas won’t fall. In other words make sure the sides are well painted.

On taking the painting’s photograph, depending on where the light hits there’s always a shine or highlight somewhere. I this one case the top right, but it’s apparently common and normal. It’s due to the brush strokes of the painting and how it gets lit. Photographing painting is another chore on it’s own with the usual photo edit slash filters. But don’t take me this one too seriously as I said before photography is something will be learned along the way. But really do a quick Youtube search on how to take a picture of a painting.

Now the painting is finished and had drying for a few months and able to touch it,  it’s not fully dry yet. It will take nine months to do so and maybe more, for what I have readed, to be so before you can even put protectant or preservation on paintings like varnish.

But one thing I learned the most is I enjoy making this and will continue making more.

Painting Beginnings

Fruit bowl in oil and canvas

Here’s is my first (successful) oil painting.

I’ve used watercolors years ago just to learn the basics of color theory when i was taking drawing lessons, it was on open studio. Another student was taking oil painting lesson and sitting beside me so we’re told about the difference between the two mediums so I was absorbing both lessons.

Here’s what stuck me the most. Watercolors looks only easy, but has less control and very spontaneous. Oil painting is very complicated but you have way more control and very forgiving.

Fast forward years later now getting out of the creative rut. I bought some loonie store acrylic paints and some cheap brushes etc. Then random google image search, or maybe deviant art, of a fruit bowl (a nod-ish to my art teacher) as reference I painted this.

Fruit bowl acrylic in canvas sheet

I like the result but I was yearning for the mixing that I learned from oil paints as the acrylics tend to dry so quickly on the palette. Because of the knowledge of the toxicity on oil painting which comes from turpentine (paint thinner) I came to another standstill. Is it possible to oil paint without using turpentine?

To take out the itch of trying out oil paint a quick trip Michael’s with a beginner set of oil colors and suppose non toxic brush cleaner painted the fruit bowl a second time. The result i find a bit translucent and the paint does not spread nicely. Sadly I have dispose of that painting and can’t share it anymore. The brush cleaner I didn’t like either as it has fumes. Now that itch has been scratched I want back to research.

So with more google search and looking for more point of view of the same answer. That answers is walnut oil medium. I bought the paints and the mediums of a certain brand. Still having them took me several months till I opened them, with I hint of fear that it will not work. I have also thrown it away it was an iceberg painting to test out values.

So we come back to the fruit bowl and now a third attempt. Which I learn so much in that one painting. I’ll share my notes and process on the painting on another post. But yeah a journey just started.