Blabs/ Reflections / On Moving Forward

Wow the month has past so quickly Blaugust has come and go. Tho I haven’t posted anything on the past week but busy with life responsibilities. But still manage to do some drawing lessons stuff. It’s in drafts right now and and having a hard time working with images with this lesson as it involves Photoshop. I want to finish off Blaugust by combining two blog topics from it is the reflect and to inspire.

With all the false starts this is a good push for me to get started. I am trying to rediscover a childhood dream on creating art. Since I can’t create as well as the many artist that I follow online so here’s my nitch A beginner artist.

I was taking pictures of some of my drawing for like a year ago following Drawing the Right Side of the Brain Workbook.  It’s still a work in progress on how I posted it as they are from a year ago but the drawing are kept aside and pictures are archive. But the research and itch to oil paint kinda hold it off and winter was approaching (lesson/activities involve outdoors). So my the only my two finished paintings and the drawing lessons are the only recent I have right now. I got thru those way to quickly than I thought.

Also behind the scenes I was getting too ambitious. While a photo camera purchase was longed plan before the blog started and waiting for a sale before I was looking for Go Pro alternatives and have a speedpaint video or a time lapse by the end of the month. Then there’s the lightning which I am struggling to find cause my shadow of my hand and phone tend to show up on my photographs and it tends to be so dark even with editing on the phone. Best example is on ‘What I Use: Drawing’ post. Tho a video light out of budget at the moment since I am starting I honestly it’s overkill to have them at moment just found battery operated lights that gives of decent lightning with spending much. Also I just forgot how real life stuff gets in the way taking out some free time to blog and draw or paint.

So my solution is to start small, I will have a personal weekly deadline on Wednesday. That way I have time to work a draft and art at the same time. May be an extra post for a random ramblings on what I am working on or what’s up. Oddities are not just about my creations it’s also what I do. I am still dreaming about that video.

I always had false starts with blogging or what I want to do in general. Do I do tech, short stories, journal, practice for journalism. But there one thing I turn back into its drawing or art. Let just say that I stop drawing when I was a kid when I was told that I was wasting lot’s of paper. I did have a short stint on getting back to it in my teens but mid twenties is where I manage to pick it up once more. Just over thirty now well I can say is no more dilly dally take a pause see what you are doing and check what it not going right and go from there. I kinda always been struggling with anxiety and fear of being judge. Well time to break out of those mental barriers.

While there’s more to this mental stuff topic but I will say is take a step, take a pause. It’s not too late to start on what you want to do and both ageism and fear is worse excuse to get things started or done. Take it from the Nike slogan Just do it. Don’t mix reflect with regret just see what not working and take a step back and then move forward or take a different direction is better than giving up.

Thanks Belghast and to all who are part of Blaugust. I was too silence in Discord but enjoying everyone post. I’ll still link there And hoping for more to more active in the future.

Also I will stop being such a lurker in Twitter and tweet about work in progress. I know it’s such a mess there right now but it’s premise was way better than facebook and other social media so hit me up there as well please.

Till next time.