Inktober Blab 3

Thank you barber the haircut feels like a weight on my shoulders has lifted up. So I got my groove back on and bounce back to Inktober. Splatfest on Splatoon 2 also help though I was Team Trick and we lost.

Drawn a few more and now it’s Halloween Inktober has come to a close. I got three more when I recovered and one more drawing to finish it off.


Expensive I went on the with a camera, my future expense. I bought a Staedtler pigment liner and used it on these. I went with with different lines with this one.



Poison well here’s a poison frog. Here I used a Pigma brush pen and really loving these. I have a blue ink lying around and colored it on a later time.


Angular felt therapeutic and can go on forever. Here’s a ball bouncing angularly thru a wall maze. May be inspired by an old Nokia phone game called Bounce.

Since the draft for this was sitting around Halloween I manage to squeeze one more drawing. I went with a freestyle approach to finish Inktober off.


Steampumpkin is an idea been sitting in my head for years to be drawn annually around Halloween. Used the Staedtler pen to draw the lines, used Winsor and Newton brush marker to fill out the hat and watered down ink for the smoke and to tone the pumpkin.

Well the work was a struggle I can still say I had fun with this and that was another reason for these other than challenge. All I can say is my drawing skills are not there as when you look search the hashtag on twitter for intober. But simple as these drawings for Inktober I have to say my handling of a pen is better that it was years ago, and I am so happy for that.

Inktober may finished but there are some ideas from the prompts so I will or want to get back to them soon. But for now get back on the drawing course which I manage to neglect and do portrait with oil painting.

Inktober 2018 Blab 2

Continuing my Inktober Journal here are more drawings and a couple of failure attempts.


Chicken was a quickie and did with brush and waterdown ink. Like I said it was a quickie and more of an impressionism of a chicken.


Whale another self explanatory. I was going for Moby Dick at first but went with a whale shark. I had some white ink that was bought years ago and used it on the spots and belly the blacks are brushed in.


I got two drawing with drain. One is a watered ink going down a drain then a long set of pipes inspired by an old Windows screensaver and an old Windows game called pipedream.

So I got a week in Inktober with these drawings. But I got sick with a cold and was not in the mood to continue for a couple of days. When I got back up I tried to do some with the prompts star and and clock. Even with reference and pre sketch I can’t get these two work out with G-pen was not cooperating.


Here’s the scrapes that suppose to be for star a celebrity came to mind. The bottom left was the initial sketch but but the pen just plotted it right away. Right is another attempt was frustration already getting in to me even got a last idea and turn it in to a trash mag cover. Another idea was a singer with her head tilting up on a mic.


Here’s the scrap for clock. I was going for a clockwork for these and challenge to see what i can make from memory. I was looking at picture for reference and got really mixed up in my head. The bottom right is just silly things to warm up on on with gears. But nothing really got settle in my head to get a finish sketch to work on to.


Breakable was an attempt to get something done. A vase and a stand falling. The vase is patterned with random lines.

Anxiety hit me up with the attempt from star and clock, with breakable was an attempt to get out of it. It did took a several days, a week at least, to get back on to continue. I’ll post about it next.



Inktober 2018 Blab 1

Well I too much happening the for this month so both highs and lows. But here’s a few of my Inktober drawings and a brief description of about them.


First is Prickly. We had a hedgehog pet named Needles that had past a year ago so first thing that comes to mind on this prompt. Needles you’ll be remembered.


Tranquil while I am still doing the drawing course of the side at the moment I am at a lesson on drawing a character/figure with basic shapes. Anatomy subject is another thing I need to get into some more in time. Nothing says tranquil like a monk meditating.


Cause Canadian Thanksgiving was days away while not turkey I went with a roast beef on Roasted. If i went with turkey it feels like in will clash on another prompt later.


I challenge myself on this one for Guarded I went with a fantasy city gate, it’s the detail and lines on the brick wall.

The dip pens where hard to use as always as I went with Tachikawa G-pen and B-3 nib for theses drawings and watered the ink with water and brush it to make a bit of a tone. I had more issues with the G-pen, see that drops in Prickly, as it gets clogged when dip it in the ink bottle the second time. B-3 pens was less on that. But when I do a quick search on the how to use a G-pen with good old google, I get something about a vape pen.

I had a good four day then got busy with other stuff then the holiday weekend came. I’ll share more about it on the next post.