Inktober 2018 Blab 1

Well I too much happening the for this month so both highs and lows. But here’s a few of my Inktober drawings and a brief description of about them.


First is Prickly. We had a hedgehog pet named Needles that had past a year ago so first thing that comes to mind on this prompt. Needles you’ll be remembered.


Tranquil while I am still doing the drawing course of the side at the moment I am at a lesson on drawing a character/figure with basic shapes. Anatomy subject is another thing I need to get into some more in time. Nothing says tranquil like a monk meditating.


Cause Canadian Thanksgiving was days away while not turkey I went with a roast beef on Roasted. If i went with turkey it feels like in will clash on another prompt later.


I challenge myself on this one for Guarded I went with a fantasy city gate, it’s the detail and lines on the brick wall.

The dip pens where hard to use as always as I went with Tachikawa G-pen and B-3 nib for theses drawings and watered the ink with water and brush it to make a bit of a tone. I had more issues with the G-pen, see that drops in Prickly, as it gets clogged when dip it in the ink bottle the second time. B-3 pens was less on that. But when I do a quick search on the how to use a G-pen with good old google, I get something about a vape pen.

I had a good four day then got busy with other stuff then the holiday weekend came. I’ll share more about it on the next post.



Following Along with Bob Ross

First attempt of on ala prima and or wet on wet painting. I followed along a Bob Ross Joys of Painting episode, season 1 episode 10. From what i’ve learned and heard that either artist love of hate Bob Ross. I am in between to those opinion as I like how he inspires others to paint, my critical of him is that his painting are first more imaginative than realism and mostly a one point perspective.

So what’s Ala Prima? Well here is the copy paste definition from Wikipedia

Wet-on-wet, or alla prima (Italian, meaning at first attempt), is a painting technique, used mostly in oil painting, in which layers of wet paint are applied to previously administered layers of wet paint. This technique requires a fast way of working, because the work has to be finished before the first layers have dried. It may also be referred to as direct painting or the French term au premier coup (at first stroke).

First of all here’s is the episode, I watched it several times before and as I painted. Why, well the first season is where he uses a more limited palette. So beginner wise it’s very good to follow if your beginning to oil painting. And I wanna paint water.

Here’s the almost the progress shots of the painting. I got frustrated with my phone camera so there’s a huge gap in the progress plus the light noise has gotten bad as I go.

The blank canvas before I put the thin out titanium white.


Now Added the blue to make sky and the water. I’ve darken the blue paint for the water tho not no result I was looking for I went along with it.


In his videos we see always Bob doing vigorous action when he paints clouds . When I did the same thing it’s not easy as it looks. While I didn’t drop the brush, The more I did the pressing action my hand gets close to the the base of the brush.

clone tag: 2263671686177354636

Now I add the mighty mountain. Using the palette knife to lay out the darks first. This was the first obstacle. When I lay down the white it was mixing too much with the darker paint I remedied it by darkening the dark side more.

The middle row of trees as easy enough and this is the first time I’ve opened my green paint. Darkening it first and add some lightness in to it the reflections I faded away like it is in the video. Also from this point on I am two and a half hours in the painting.


Note this is where I really botched up the photo progress some moreand gonna recall on the steps. I took a break from painting and had lunch after the last photo and was called for an errant for later that day and rush up the painting and forgot to take some more picture as I progress.


I added some land on the middle trees and killed of their reflection. It was a struggle to add the land as the paint is getting thicker The brown was spreading to much and having the same issue as the white with the mountains. The trees on the left was added with no issue but struggle with the land of it as well.

That brown mass of land in the foreground is where the episode take for a turn. In my case same issue with my brown it got thinned out from the layers of paint.  In the video I still love how he like just whoosh his palette knife to create it and work with it.


Well here the finished painting. So I added some whites on the land and still not working for me and tried to do more white to copy the path way on the right from the video. The left trees was no issue and used pure brown and got manage to blend the trunk and branches. The bushes on the lower right got really muddy. The reds came out great in my opinion mixed in with yellow to make it orange-ish.

Well my notes on this painting wet on wet and or ala prima. Well I may not try this anytime but not soon. I did a bit of clean up with the thin out white after I put it in as it splashed to the walls, table and such. The bottom part not sure if the base paint was too thin it may have slowly run in the bottom of the canvas so when I started painting there is got muddy. On the middle trees reflections i should have made them bigger as they are move vaguely in the painting. The right large trees had a reflection but got covered with the bushes on the bottom of it.

As Bob Ross encourage don’t have to follow the painting as same as his but to compare mine the middle trees are much lower and his has more varieties. I think I got fearful there as the brushes had gotten hair everywhere. Also I think my fan brush does not hold paint very well so I may pick up a more nice quality soon. Let’s not forget he did his under thirty minutes while it took me about six hours tops to finish mine.

Still I am very happy how the painting came out and can’t wait to create some more. I think I ramble enough here so let’s close off with his wise words…

Happy painting!


Study: Portraits

The site may be up now but I was still need a profile picture for social media. Well I tried and torn off some self portrait drawings and digital paintings several times, both in cartoonish style and realistic. Then I realized that other than characters from games anime and manga I never really drawn lots of realistic characters. So here’s some portrait study that images that I picked up from pinterest boards.


Old man with a mane

Here’s the first and warm up drawing. Cause of the cause of the light and bright picture of the model I just went lightly with H2 leads. And since it is drawn lightly it’s really hard to notice the details of the picture.


Girl with Afro

Now here’s a full attempt going heavily on shading with graphite sticks, which I forgot to show on the what I use drawing post. Well suffice to say it’s a bad one as the face look flat and looks like she’s bearded than a shadowed that curves around the chin to ears. Who ever the model is I am very sorry.


Freckled guy minus the freckles

Here’s another with a lighter touch but i wasn’t sure hot to draw the texture of his hair. And as of writing I’ve notice I missed the a major detail, his freckles.


Freckled Redhead Girl

This may be my best work on this study. I mostly got the details with the but I don’t want to risk the piece by over darken on the right side of her face of the model. Still I feel good on getting the braids and freckles of the model.

Girl with Afro Redux

Well here’s a do over of the second model. Way better than the first attempt but didn’t do well on the highlights not what I have a good look in to this. Still happy how this one turns out to be.

I need to work on observing details and be brave on working with darker and lighter values are what I learned on this self study. This will also a nice bit of learning experience once I attempt to paint a portrait. Now to making selfies and draw myself, process and selfies will be put on file for now as I am still to shy on a more proper introduction.



Painting Howling Wolves


So here is my second painting Howling Wolves. I just have these in my mind to I test it of I can paint something I imagine/want.

Forewarning other than the sketches the process images of the painting has been taken months ago.

These are the initial sketch for the painting. the small one is the initial idea that three wolves howling at the moon. I can also say that this is a study as I was drawing different wolves before I settle with these trio. I think my source on these are at Pinterest.

Top is the initial sketch the lower right corner is the initial idea for the painting. Bottom getting playing with the wolves position and perspective
A larger drawing of the painting. I can’t remember the order is made.

What I want on this piece is a purple night sky with a moon. I mixed a blue and red to make a purple I wanted it more dark I added a bit of black. I forgot to take a picture of the just the purple in the canvas but I can see that novelty of a solid color painting. The moon just strait white painted in after letting the purple dry for a few days.

Background purple night sky with full moon

Next step was adding the trees. Black mixed with blue and brown. My initial blue paint that I used on the Fruit Bowl was very strong looking closely into it it’s more of a blue black. Here I used a different blue paint and brown and just went with it on the canvas. This is The first time I’ve used a fan brush and went with it ala Bob Ross and painted the pine trees.

Trees are added

And then I painted the each wolf once the black trees dried. But unfortunately I didn’t take pictures as I go so here’s the process. Small amount of white to sketch the initial position and then the initial shape. Then more white to fill out the wolves shape as an undercoat color of their fur. Painting in the fur color is next, strait brown on the middle, grey on the right and a golden brown on the left.

Initial finish painting

Now after a day of drying and getting a good look at it with fresh set of eyes, I noticed the left most wolve does not look like one at all but more look like a bear joining in. So a bit more white at the edge to fill up the especially on in ears and more of the golden brown paint to transform the bear to a wolf, tho a chubby one, compare it to the top image.

My thoughts about the painting and it composition. First I wish I put more details on the moon and shows I don’t how to blend it’s edges well yet.  The length of the trees balance on who the wolves are position, tallest trees on the left where the wolf is the shortest. the the right most wolf is standing and has tree on that side cut off cut off. The second tree from the right goes past the moon. The middle wolf’s body was planned to come from the left turning it’s head to center. But that’s on my own limitation on not very good at perspective at the moment.

That’s it about my paintings for now. Got a more planned out I can at least share the planning stages of my next work.

What I Learned On My First Painting

Here it is again, the fruit bowl

Here’s the fruit bowl painting again, I promise there’s other art in the way. Just the short time in making this clicks something in me head that I want to do more of these comparing the long time and effort I try to do digital painting or art. I’ll speak about it in another time and I will surely will try to get back in to it properly someday.

And now in to particular order here’s things I’ve learned on my first oil painting.

Walnut oil medium works for taking out paint off the brushes. But if not painting over a week, as it said in the product website, a proper cleaner is needed to fully clean brushes. In my case Murphy’s Oil Soap as what I read on my research. Tho I didn’t follow thru it right away and may have ruin my first couple of brushes.

The yellow that I used in this painting turns out to be transparent. I ended up waiting for it to dry to get the yellow to be more visible. While the white is opaque I have to wait for most of the paint underneath it to dry as they start blending when I try to add the white part of the bowl and the highlights.

When I was shopping I just chose the tube paint colors by price, oil paint is not cheap. I know I need the primaries, white and brown and added green. And cause of the above statement I was too late to noticed that the back of the tube paints show that the paint is opaque, transparent or in between. So the usual tube colors you hear or read from artist, burnt umber, cadmium yellow, alizarin crimson, etc there’s a reason they are that known and price that way. It also shows the the paints drying time. I don’t want to get more technical here.

After a several weeks of drying and taken out the canvas from the easel to be hang on the wall there’s a couple of places that wasn’t painted. The top unpainted part from the easel top clamp covering it. And the bottom right of the wicker mat was missed due to having an aluminum foil in place in the easel, it was reflecting light making it look like it was painted. So I got to remember to take out the clamp when painting around that parts and do so carefully that the canvas won’t fall. In other words make sure the sides are well painted.

On taking the painting’s photograph, depending on where the light hits there’s always a shine or highlight somewhere. I this one case the top right, but it’s apparently common and normal. It’s due to the brush strokes of the painting and how it gets lit. Photographing painting is another chore on it’s own with the usual photo edit slash filters. But don’t take me this one too seriously as I said before photography is something will be learned along the way. But really do a quick Youtube search on how to take a picture of a painting.

Now the painting is finished and had drying for a few months and able to touch it,  it’s not fully dry yet. It will take nine months to do so and maybe more, for what I have readed, to be so before you can even put protectant or preservation on paintings like varnish.

But one thing I learned the most is I enjoy making this and will continue making more.

Painting Beginnings

Fruit bowl in oil and canvas

Here’s is my first (successful) oil painting.

I’ve used watercolors years ago just to learn the basics of color theory when i was taking drawing lessons, it was on open studio. Another student was taking oil painting lesson and sitting beside me so we’re told about the difference between the two mediums so I was absorbing both lessons.

Here’s what stuck me the most. Watercolors looks only easy, but has less control and very spontaneous. Oil painting is very complicated but you have way more control and very forgiving.

Fast forward years later now getting out of the creative rut. I bought some loonie store acrylic paints and some cheap brushes etc. Then random google image search, or maybe deviant art, of a fruit bowl (a nod-ish to my art teacher) as reference I painted this.

Fruit bowl acrylic in canvas sheet

I like the result but I was yearning for the mixing that I learned from oil paints as the acrylics tend to dry so quickly on the palette. Because of the knowledge of the toxicity on oil painting which comes from turpentine (paint thinner) I came to another standstill. Is it possible to oil paint without using turpentine?

To take out the itch of trying out oil paint a quick trip Michael’s with a beginner set of oil colors and suppose non toxic brush cleaner painted the fruit bowl a second time. The result i find a bit translucent and the paint does not spread nicely. Sadly I have dispose of that painting and can’t share it anymore. The brush cleaner I didn’t like either as it has fumes. Now that itch has been scratched I want back to research.

So with more google search and looking for more point of view of the same answer. That answers is walnut oil medium. I bought the paints and the mediums of a certain brand. Still having them took me several months till I opened them, with I hint of fear that it will not work. I have also thrown it away it was an iceberg painting to test out values.

So we come back to the fruit bowl and now a third attempt. Which I learn so much in that one painting. I’ll share my notes and process on the painting on another post. But yeah a journey just started.