Inktober 2018

This October I will participating doing Inktober. A month long event/challenge in social media started by Jake Parker where making drawings with ink. More info on the links.  

I’ll post the art work here and twitter but I’ll be mostly brief about them. I will be following the official prompts but can’t promise that I will do them daily or all of them.

Mind my handwriting
Ideas on the official prompts

I did have tried drawing in ink years before and impulse buy a G pen nibs and holder, dip pen that mostly used by manga artist, but that not gotten anywhere due to my attempt and doing digital drawings. Then I (cough) impulse buy a Speedball set months ago to get a different feel compare to the G pen. Even with that all I did is just make lines in paper and I have no clue on calligraphy as well.

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Pens Brushes and ink

I wanna see where this takes me as I notice that when I write my wrist moves differently lately. Something I picked up from drawing? I’ll talk about the pens and tools in depth I am using once it’s over as I don’t have a good grasp on how to use them yet.

See you in October!