Inktober Blab 3

Thank you barber the haircut feels like a weight on my shoulders has lifted up. So I got my groove back on and bounce back to Inktober. Splatfest on Splatoon 2 also help though I was Team Trick and we lost.

Drawn a few more and now it’s Halloween Inktober has come to a close. I got three more when I recovered and one more drawing to finish it off.


Expensive I went on the with a camera, my future expense. I bought a Staedtler pigment liner and used it on these. I went with with different lines with this one.



Poison well here’s a poison frog. Here I used a Pigma brush pen and really loving these. I have a blue ink lying around and colored it on a later time.


Angular felt therapeutic and can go on forever. Here’s a ball bouncing angularly thru a wall maze. May be inspired by an old Nokia phone game called Bounce.

Since the draft for this was sitting around Halloween I manage to squeeze one more drawing. I went with a freestyle approach to finish Inktober off.


Steampumpkin is an idea been sitting in my head for years to be drawn annually around Halloween. Used the Staedtler pen to draw the lines, used Winsor and Newton brush marker to fill out the hat and watered down ink for the smoke and to tone the pumpkin.

Well the work was a struggle I can still say I had fun with this and that was another reason for these other than challenge. All I can say is my drawing skills are not there as when you look search the hashtag on twitter for intober. But simple as these drawings for Inktober I have to say my handling of a pen is better that it was years ago, and I am so happy for that.

Inktober may finished but there are some ideas from the prompts so I will or want to get back to them soon. But for now get back on the drawing course which I manage to neglect and do portrait with oil painting.