Inktober 2018 Blab 1

Well I too much happening the for this month so both highs and lows. But here’s a few of my Inktober drawings and a brief description of about them.


First is Prickly. We had a hedgehog pet named Needles that had past a year ago so first thing that comes to mind on this prompt. Needles you’ll be remembered.


Tranquil while I am still doing the drawing course of the side at the moment I am at a lesson on drawing a character/figure with basic shapes. Anatomy subject is another thing I need to get into some more in time. Nothing says tranquil like a monk meditating.


Cause Canadian Thanksgiving was days away while not turkey I went with a roast beef on Roasted. If i went with turkey it feels like in will clash on another prompt later.


I challenge myself on this one for Guarded I went with a fantasy city gate, it’s the detail and lines on the brick wall.

The dip pens where hard to use as always as I went with Tachikawa G-pen and B-3 nib for theses drawings and watered the ink with water and brush it to make a bit of a tone. I had more issues with the G-pen, see that drops in Prickly, as it gets clogged when dip it in the ink bottle the second time. B-3 pens was less on that. But when I do a quick search on the how to use a G-pen with good old google, I get something about a vape pen.

I had a good four day then got busy with other stuff then the holiday weekend came. I’ll share more about it on the next post.