Breaking Down Into Shapes

So here’s something from the Ultimate Drawing Course from Udemy I am taking. The lesson is about breaking down shapes. So I took some images from from Life of Pix and Unsplash, a couple of website for free stock photos.

Breaking down these objects into simple shapes and trace the object with those shape. The instructor did this in Photoshop so I did as well since I got it as well. The order are unaltered image,  breaking down with shapes while blurring the main image, the traced image using the build up shape, and just the traced lines.

Start of something simple a glass of pina colada and a Coke bottle.

Still dreaming for that future camera. I noticed that I botched the strap on the refinement of the trace and now kinda smaller than it was reference.

A van with a canoe on top of it. Kinda lost patience with Photoshop on this one so but the break. The I did broke down the van in more shapes using it’s details but didn’t use it for tracing.

Here’s one more a lion door knocker. All I can say I made another attempt once my head cooled off. I may be off course on these as i traced the shadows from the main picture.

Sad to say this is a half hearted work on this lesson, but as always I see its importance. Breaking things down to a simple shapes are basics that I have overlook before.  Just my patient with Photoshop these days makes these a bit daunting. As always it’s what you learn from the experience. Maybe I’ll try this again with a magazine and tracing paper for another time.

Till next time.

Taking A Drawing Course

I wanted to hone my drawing skills and just been drawing things aimlessly. Just a couple of weeks ago I stumble to a YouTube ad, AdBlock had crashed while afk, of The Ultimate Drawing Course on Udemy. Cause of the enthusic voice of the instructor in the video I had to check it out. With the very generous set of previews of the course and a sale I signed up.

First lesson is an to draw an eye to follow thru as a test on where your drawing ability is. He said that by the end of the course I will draw another eye and compare the first one to see the improvements to it.

Eye drawing for the course

Next set of videos is about working on lines fundamentals. The usual of keep drawing different lines on a paper. Then contour lines, lines that makes basic shape and some details. One of  his subject is a boot mine is a sunflower. Here’s a few images of what I made following the lesson

Line exercise of different lines


Line exercise where you look on the object only never in on the paper.
Line exercise of random objects both reference online and around me
A sunflower drawing that is mixed of the second and third exercise.

Now do not let that sunflower drawing fool you, it comes from a tricky exercise where you have to look more on the subject/reference while drawing. The line subject finishing off with cross contour lines, lines which gives shape a from. Think of a circle becomes a sphere. The instructor coming back the his boot drawing he uses cross contour lines to refine his drawing.

Now that is where I will continue the course is to refine the sunflower drawing with cross contour lines. And as an assignment I will do several other objects.