Drawn Back

when an artist sees a blank sheet of paper

So the past few months I’m getting back to drawing and learning oil painting. I’ve been in and out of it for a couple of years but hoping to get more focus on art. I had art lessons before but with books and references online I can say I’m self taught or some sort in between.

Looking back, the rut I had cause by two things rushing it to learn cartooning inspired by comics and manga and jumping so quick to digital while I still lack fundamentals. The frustration to those had recluse me to playing video games way more than I used to.

Where I am right now, I can copy and draw with a reference but composing without one is the hardest. So right now I have to come in terms with my current drawing ability copying from pictures and academic style drawing, not cartooning.

So the goal here is to refine my drawing skills and get to focus on fundamentals. I’ll add painting but I’ll share more of that for another post. Then there’s photography never interested at taking my own pictures before so that will work with as I go with the other two.

I will do my best to share my creations (ODDITIES) no matter how horrendous I think it is. I will start with the work has been done, then catch up to work in progress. I might even start digging on old stuff and even unfinished ones.

Alright back to the drawing board then.